釜石オープン・フィールド・ミュージアム ロゴ

About this site

This website promotes “Kamaishi Open Field Museum”, which is the official vision for tourism in Kamaishi city.

This site is a portal about tourism and local resources, including history, nature, culture, and the activities we organize in Kamaishi.

Here you can make reservations and pay for activities and get general information about “Extended Stay and Interactions with Locals(滞在交流型観光),” which is a type of tourism that has become popular in Japan recently.

The Operator of this site is the Executive Committee of Kamaishi Open Field Museum (the bureau: Kamasihi DMC Ltd.) .

About Kamaishi Open Field Museum

Our open-air (a.k.a. Open Field ) museum is composed of the entire Kamaishi city.

In this concept, our museum is not a building, but a system which lets you experience and appreciate the local resources, including history, nature and cultures.

Sharing this idea with locals, stakeholders and our guests, Kamaishi city is trying to achieve sustainable tourism.

A museum usually provides the chance to learn, a place to exhibit, and protects heritage. Our Open Field Museum provides many opportunities including participation and interactions in a community, enjoying sightseeing, information dissemination, and local vitalization.

More than that, through creating the open-field museum the local community develops alongside the tourism industry.

Our project helps local citizens to be more proud of their hometown and more people to be involved in the tourist industry.

In Kamaishi city, local people welcome visitors.People like to conduct many projects cooperating with local citizens, companies and even the local government.

The cultural and historical background of Kamaishi city makes this cooperation happen; the city developed as an industrial and fishing town, it has been the juncture of fish, iron, and people.

This history is the reason why Kamaishi city named its strategy “Kamaishi Open Field Museum”.